PSM Agenten klonen und ID reseten

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PSM Agenten klonen und ID reseten

Post by cka » Mon, 11 Jun 2018, 15:24

How to reset the Systems Management agent ID in cloned machines


Companies tend to use system cloning: that is, they create an image of the system and install it on X computers.

A unique agent identifier (ID) is generated every time PCSM is installed. So, if an image of a system with PCSM installed is created, the image will also include the agent identifier.

Thus, if systems are cloned using that image, only one device will be shown on the console as all of them will have the same agent ID.


In order to reset the PCSM agent ID in a cloned computer, proceed as follows:

Install the agent (downloaded from the console using the desired profile), if it’s not previously installed. The machine must be connected to the internet to get installed.
After the machine is shown in the console, disconnect the machine from the network or the Internet.
In the local machine, remove the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\CentraStage. Remove this entire key along with anything that is inside it. This way the first time the Systems Management agent connects to the Internet, it will find that no key is present and generate a fresh new device ID ensuring that all of your devices report back uniquely.

These steps will ensure that the cloned computer has a unique ID.

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